The One Quality Great Teammates Have in Common

Loved this article about "The One Quality Great Teammates Have in Common" by John O'Sullivan.  “You have to stop asking what you can get, and start asking what you can give.”

  • I can give my best effort in practice and games
  • I can give my team a positive attitude no matter what the circumstances
  • I can give my team a boost no matter how many minutes I play
  • I can give my team a better chance to win no matter what position I play
  • I can do the dirty work so my teammate can score the goal and get the glory
  • I can sacrifice my personal ambitions for the better of the group
  • I can lead by example
  • I can be an example of our core values in action

Although these are great "checkmarks" for the "right" mindset, getting the team and players to buy-in and believe is true success!  Let's celebrate those individuals and teams that give and are difference makers 👍

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