Founder Message

Living, Loving & Learning! Leo Buscaglia said it best and the 3Ls drive Sabrina's daily activities and interactions. As an entrepreneur and mom to two competitive teen/pre-teen athletes, Sabrina wears multiple hats that require balance, patience, perspective, and perseverance. Growing up Sabrina was introduced to these skills playing multiple sports, and as she progresses in her athletic endeavors, she continues to hone these skills. Sabrina's athletic journey has taken her across the country with the University of Southern California tennis team and to different parts of the world through 9-man Volleyball. Sabrina's kids have adopted her love for sports and play competitive soccer for nationally ranked teams as well as a multitude of other school sports.  

When the pandemic hit in 2020, Sabrina lost her association with sports as basketball and volleyball leagues were put on hold. Thankfully her kids were able to resume their soccer training when summer rolled around, but at that point Sabrina was still without an athletic outlet. Her mom introduced her to pickleball as "something to do" while her son was practicing soccer; and what started as a safe opportunity to visit with extended family turned into her newest passion. Learning has been super fun as Sabrina has leveraged a variety of skillsets that she developed growing up. The added bonus has been the opportunity to model determination, perseverance and grit for her kids.

Sabrina started playing tournaments a little over a year ago and was recently recognized on DUPR’s list of top 50 women’s doubles pickleball players in the West Region while earning a HEAD Racquet Sports sponsorship along the way. Although Sabrina has dappled with professional pickleball events, her goal is to pursue the Senior Pro path in 2.5 years. For now, Sabrina is focused on continuing to learn, refine, and evolve her game while ensuring her fitness level mirrors her desired growth.