Founder Background

Sabrina grew up in Northern California (San Mateo) playing all different sports (tennis, basketball, soccer, volleyball, softball, badminton, etc.). Sabrina loved being able to play a variety of sports and being able to change sports with the seasons. Playing sports taught her so many different lessons and introduced her to so many different people. Sabrina truly believes that playing different sports helps develop different and complimentary skills. When she first started playing pickleball, the transition from tennis seemed super straightforward; however, the more she plays, the more she draws from her different sport experiences. 

Needless to say, when college came around and Sabrina needed to focus on one sport, tennis made the most sense.

  • University of Southern California (1993-97)
    • Trojan Spirit Award Winner (1995, 1996)
  • USTA National Indoor Mother-Daughter Indoor Finalist (1995)
  • USTA National Senior Mother-Daughter Indoor Champion (2009)
  • USTA National Senior Mother-Daughter Ranking: #1 (2009)

Following college Sabrina returned to playing a variety of sports, and in 2016 Sabrina was inducted into the Aragon High School Hall of Fame.