Charity Efforts

Sports has been a huge positive in Sabrina's life, and she is at a point where she wants to "pay it forward”. Sabrina has been working with the founder and inspiration for the nonprofit Wipeout Cancer for the past couple of years. The founder (Caroline "Liner”) was on the TV show “Wipeout”, won her episode, and then got cancer. After her battle with cancer, Liner wanted to do something to increase cancer awareness and give back to the cancer community - hence, the creation of Wipeout Cancer. Liner loves sports and competing. She was a gymnast at UCLA, volleyball player, triathlete, adventure racer and Ninja Warrior competitor. What she hated most about her cancer treatments was her inability to know whether she’d have enough energy to train. For Liner, training has always been her social outlet and as she reflected on how important sports was and is to her, she wanted to figure out a way to help kids with cancer experience some of the joys and camaraderie that sports provides - and thus the creation of Wipeout Cancer - Sports Day for Kids

Our first effort to get pickleball introduced to the pediatric cancer community was at American Cancer Society's “Courageous Kids Day” event that took place at Great America on May 8th. This event is the largest pediatric cancer event in our area and at this event we setup a target area to introduce kids to the feel of the pickleball paddle and ball.