Today in Quarentine

Today in youth sports kids are stuck at home in shelter in place. When we get out of this shelter in place many games are going to be packed in a few weekends, which is hard for kids to do even on weekends before shelter in place. When kids get back to playing sports they won't be as fit and won't have as much stamina to persevere through a game. At home right now some children are working hard with the space they have, others are busy with school work and other things too. Some aren't as fortunate as others and can't afford space though are willing to work hard. Which ever way is chosen will effect when they come back. However, which ever situation you have we all can do things to stay in fit and to reduce the incline once back in sports. Even if you don't have any equipment in your home you can find a few regular items. A rug or mat ( something soft and cushiony), an open area, a ball (any shape or size), and a step or stool. Place the mat on the open area (if you are on soft surface, you don't need a mat) and keep the others off to the side. Start by stretching. Stretch big muscles and most importantly places like your calves, groins, hamstrings, back, etc. After warm up by jogging in place or around area for a few minutes to get warm and your heart beat up. Then pull your step into the working area. Put one foot on the step at a time and back down making a 1-2-3-4 motion. Then do box jumps (the lower the step the faster to do it) up and down with 2 feet making a 1-2 motion. Then take away the stool and work on these conditioning exercises. You can use the ball to make sure you hands and feet go to the right point, and to put something in between your hands and feet so they stay parallel. You can do push-ups, planks, sit-ups, leg lifts, mountain climbers, V-sits, V-ups, lunges, butterfly kicks, Russian twists, crunches, etc. Do these in a circuit and do each for 30 seconds and do 3 circuits. Then go outside and run 1 mile. If you do this every day you will gain more stamina and keep fit. 

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