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Welcome to Play for SMILES ?

Play for SMILES is a concept to encourage parents and kids to work together to ensure sports are FUN for the kids! After many, many, many years of playing sports, thanks to a wonderful (and patient) role model, I recently had that “ah-ha” moment when I processed that SMILES are significantly more impactful than lectures!

Although, smiling instead of lecturing is not natural for me, I want to pay this “Play for SMILES” lesson forward to my kids. Understanding that it will be difficult to retrain my natural instincts, I wanted to create a support community to help me learn; and hopefully others will join me in my quest to SMILE more and lecture less!

We’re just getting started; however, we’re looking forward to building out our community through various “SMILE” reminders, tools and “venting” outlets. Please let us know your thoughts on what would help you SMILE more!