Today kids are stuck at home which is causing some to quit. In my own experience I have realized that it is not a steady even path, and some times life tries to bring you down to put resistance to come back up but most don't realize that when they get brung down it is the perfect opportunity to come and rise above. Some think that injuries set you down below others and do not realize that it is a perfect opportunity to work twice as hard and become better than all other and your weaknesses become yours strengths. This is what is happening today. We are set in quarantine and some decide to take this opportunity and work twice as hard and when they come back they will be better than ever, though some don't realize the perfect opportunity to rise above and will fall below. So the next time life brings you down, work twice as hard to rise above dose not matter what situation you end up in!
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Sophia Smith ... 19-year-old Stanford Phenom

Source:  SB Nation article "Meet Sophia Smith, the 19-year-old phenom who’s the future of NWSL and the USWNT"

Initial Reaction:  I think it is cool how Sophia Smith's combination of talents is so rare that the Portland Thorns were willing to give up a US national team player for her.  The Portland Thorns are one of the best teams in the NWSL and for them to make such a big trade really shows that she must be a very special talent that is one of a kind.  

Lesson:  Being a good player inside (soccer IQ) and outside (physical skills) is super important and gets coaches attention, but how you handle yourself off the field impacts coaches final decisions! 

Take-away:  Work hard and follow your dreams!



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"You don't have to be a Bully to Win"

SOURCE:  CBS interview of "Coach Val" ... UCLA's legendary gymnastics coach (22 regional championships, 7 NCAA championships, 4 coach of the year awards)

INITIAL REACTION:  I had no idea that she was initially so mean! 

LESSON:  She demonstrated how important it is to listen, learn and adapt.  I don't think she would have matched her success if she didn't evolve her coaching style. 

TAKE-AWAY:  Don't get caught up in winning & losing ... focus on the "Process & Experience" 😃


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Statistically speaking, Sam Mewis was best player at 2019 World Cup

Our Junior Editor's favorite player (even before the world cup) is Sam Mewis.  Apparently our Junior Editor knows something about soccer!  Fun read by Equalizer Soccer. 


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Who Inspires You

On International Women’s Day, it’s pretty cool to see and read about the women who inspire the US Women’s National Soccer Team.   Add a comment with the name you would wear on the back of your jersey?


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Warriors' Unparalleled Chemistry

The CBS Sports article following Klay Thompson's record setting 3-pointers made game was spot on!  "These guys genuinely put their teammates first, and it's why they are what they are" 🏆
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Kylian Mbappe - I should not be paid to represent my country!

Truly impressed by the generosity and perspective 19-year-old Kylian Mbappe has brought to the World Cup. According to Mbappe, "he does not believe he should be paid to represent his country" and will donate all his earnings from the World Cup to charity.
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Barcelona Legend - Andres Iniesta

Having represented Barcelona for more than two decades and nearly 700 appearances, Andres Iniesta is a legend by every definition of the word.
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Dani Alves - The Secret

I've always admired and enjoyed watching the passion with which Dani Alves plays.  When he's on the field, you can tell that he loves what he does and that he's going to give 100%.  After reading his story in the Player's Tribune and learning his source of inspiration, I appreciate his style of play even more ... Agora!
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Kerri Walsh Jennings - bronze 'meant so much more' than gold medals

Refreshing to hear Kerri Walsh Jennings appreciate her bronze medal in this USA Today article.  Of course she would not have had this same perspective if she won gold again, but knowing that she still poured her heart into the bronze medal match (even though it was not the match she wanted to play) helps illustrate why she's a true champion 🏆
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